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How technology is changing cross-border trade 

30 May 2016

Disruptive collaborative and communications technologies have changed the way cross-border trade operates by compressing the distance between nations, the director of cross-border business at Pitcher Partners Rohini Kappadath says.




India FTA and trade deal negotiations, Sky News

29 OCTOBER 2015 


"Business in India - a marathon and not a sprint". Insights from Kappadath on Sky.

Kappadath urges Australian businesses need to act quickly if they want to a participate in the India Growth story as global competitors entered this market 15-20 years ago. Although the FTA is being negotiated Kappadath believes that Australian companies are largely missing the boat.   





2015 Telstra VIC Business Women’s Corporate and Private Award Winner - Rohini Kappadath

20 OCTOBER 2015 


Presentation at the 2015 VIC Event from the 2015 Winner of the VIC Corporate and Private Award, Rohini Kappadath.

Indian Executive Club Awards

1 MAY 2015


Pitcher Partners has deep connection into the Australian Indian business community. One of the ways that this relationship has been built is through the IEC awards.


Nominees must be of an Indian Diaspora and holding ownership of their Australian operated company. These awards are a way of recognising honourable achievements within the Indian Community.


It also establishes Pitcher Partners as a trusted advisor amongst emerging businesses. It also gives the Indian entrepreneurs a platform to connect with fellow business owners, generate thought leadership and innovation.  




India Budget: Opportunities for Australia in Asia,  Sky Business News 

03 MARCH 2015 




Rohini Kappadath talks to Sky Business about what the Indian budget means for Australian investors.  The Finance Minister's first budget promises tax reform and the introduction of GST by next year.  A politically palatable budget, Modi has elected to adopt small incremental steps in the journey of transformation of the economy rather than 'big bang' measures.  The budget signals that the Modi Government is serious about lifting investor confidence with a string of measures to make India attractive to foreign investors.  


Indian Prime Minister Modi's visit to Australia:  Sky News 

20 NOVEMBER 2014 



Amidst a backdrop of lack lustre trade - $15 billion - between India and Australia, the conversation explored why trade between Austrlian and India is only a tenth that of Australia and China. 

Modi's transformation agenda and opportunities for Australian businesses in the sub-continent were explored.  


Historic Australian visit by an Indian PM, after 28 years.  Sky News with Kappadath. 


17 NOVEMBER 2014 



20,000 gather to hear from an Indian Prime Minister at Sydney's Olympic Stadium in Homebush. Kappadath discusses Prime Minister Modi's visit to Australia and the reason why the Australian-Indian diaspora is showing their support for the Prime Minister in such large numbers.  


Kappadath says it is time for the relationship to advance past 'cricket, commonwealth and curry', so that the 'commercial realities and complexities' can be better understood.  


The website provides detailed information on 25 sectors that are investment-ready.  Modi's agenda is to transform India into the manufacturing destination of the globe.      

ABC TV: How Australian businesses can sell their expertise to India

09 JULY 2014 

Interview with Whitney Fitzsimmons.  This video has now expired.  




Ongoing occurrences in emerging Asian Markets


India and Indonesia are sharing many of the same problems as Asia's other emerging economies, particularly with their large current account deficits. There is also concern that China is slowing as other countries in the region go through difficult times. Jim Middleton speaks with three experts on the subject, Rohini Kappadath from Cross-Border Business with Pitcher Partners, Peter Cai from Fairfax Media, and economist Peter McCawley from Australian National University.

Business Today's Simon Palan speaks to Kappadath about opportunities in Chindia 

08 MAY 2013

INTERVIEW HIGHLIGHTS:  Agribusiness, Services and Education sector opportunities are flagged by Kappadath as the economy moves past the mining boom phase. Changing rules of the game require sharp thinking and shifts in strategy.  Regional cities are now the engines of growth in China and India, which presents Australian businesses "niches" opportunities.  As the global landscape continues to change and China shifts gears from its investment-led phase to a consumption-driven economy, Kappadath warns that Australian business need to collaborate and move into foreign markets in clusters in order to win against stiff local competition.     

AustCham Conference in Thailand "Australia & Thailand in an Integrated Asia". 

03 DECEMBER 2012

INTERVIEW HIGHLIGHTS:  The launch of the Asian Century Whitepaper has started an important conversation about the need to engage with Asia.  While there is fear of job losses from shifting manufacturing to Asia, examples like Futuris and ARB demonstrate the opportunity for a win-win partnership.  



Sky News Interview with Peter Switzer

25 OCTOBER 2010

A comprehensive, insightful and masterful account of the risks and opportunities associated with Doing Business in India.  Although recorded in 2010, the points raised hold their relevant in 2016. Identifying the right partners, types of collaborations, valuing your IP, the aspirations of a rising middle class are some of the issues raised in this 10 minute clip.   


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