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Iconic Individuals:  Leaders in their field now in professional services 

Article by Agnes King




"It is a common ploy in marketing. Pay a bundle to a beloved sporting hero or movie star to act as a brand ambassador to break into new markets. The well worn tactic in fast moving consumer goods is flourishing in professional services," Agnes King, Australian Finance Review.

PwC: Tony O'Malley, former King & Wood Mallesons managing partner, David Smorgan, former steel baron, John Riccio, former IBM retail expert.  KPMG: Paul Howes, former trade union powerbroker, Bernard Salt, demographer.  Deloitte:  Kevin Nixon, regulatory affairs expert, Ian Harper, competition policy review. E&Y: Stephanie Fahey, former Monash University Deputy VC, Andrew Metcalfe, former policymaker.  Pitcher Partner:  Rohini Kappadath, set up SAS Institute's Indian subsidiary 


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Long-term investment in Asia will outweigh TPP

Opinion piece by Rohini Kappadath 

19 OCTOBER 2015


All attention is on the China-Australia free trade agreement this week in the hope that the government accepts Labor’s amendments and the FTA is pushed through parliament.


Last week, the focus was on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal between Australia, Canada, US, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Brunei, Chile, New Zealand, Singapore and Vietnam. Despite years of protracted negotiations, the fact is the TPP may still not pass as each country needs to legislate in its favour.


No matter how well constructed or negotiated, these bilateral economic agreements and trade deals (and there have been a number of them) are no guarantee of success in doing business in Asia.


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Lawyers, accountants to cash in on TPP


06 OCTOBER 2015


Legal and financial advisers said increased deal flow will be the biggest benefit of the Trans-Pacific Partnership signed overnight, rather than access to new markets.


But it could reduce the need to have separate offices in each jurisdiction in the long-run if regulations are harmonised, and countries grant mutual recognition of professional qualifications.


"Mutual recognition of professional qualifications - which is controlled by professional associations of various countries - is key to any trade deal on services," said Rohini Kappadath, director of cross border business at Melbourne based accountants Pitcher Partners.


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Understanding Australia’s International Trade Agreements

Opinion piece by Rohini Kappadath 

Published:  Pitcher Partners CONTACT, AUGUST 2015


Australia’s prosperity is more connected than ever to developments in the global economy. Our trade with the world is equivalent to 42% of our GDP – a number that has not dropped below 25% since 1900.


The stock of foreign investment in Australia is at record highs of A$2.8 trillion, while Australia’s investments around the world total A$2.0 trillion (2014).


Sustaining our performance as the world’s 12th largest economy, with the fifth highest GDP per capita will require strong international engagement.


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Joe Hockey says Australian businesses exporting skills will be the new drivers of wealth and job creation over the next decade. Source: News Corp Australia

Free trade opportunity knocks for services providers

Opinion piece by Rohini Kappadath 

25 MAY 2015


Joe Hockey’s $6 billion investment in new trade agreements with China, South Korea, Japan and India, as part of federal budget measures, is a clear push by the government in helping Australian business access the growing services market in Asia.


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What does this year's budget hold for Indian community? Kappadath explains in Hindi language on SBS Radio.

15 MAY 2015


Rohini Kappadath joins Mosiqi Acharya on SBS Hindi Radio to discuss the key outcomes of this year's Indian Budget. 


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Indian budget a balance in socio-economic reform

Rohini Kappadath 

11 MARCH 2015 


India’s Finance Minister, Mr. Arun Jaitley presented the Union Budget – 2015 focused on maintaining the desired balance between fiscal prudence and investor expectations.


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Australia can play a role in India's economic rise

Opinion piece by Rohini Kappadath 

Published: Business Spectator, 25 NOVEMBER 2014


Narendra Modi’s rock star-like reception at Sydney’s Allphones Arena to a capacity crowd of 16,000, his address to 400 business leaders at Government House in Melbourne and his speech to parliament set the scene for India’s arrival as an economic powerhouse.


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"Make in India" campaign promises to turn red tape into red carpet.

Opinion piece by Rohini Kappadath 

1 OCTOBER 2014


On the eve of his departure for the United States, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a clarion call to investors in his “Make in India” campaign launch aimed at injecting renewed business confidence and trust in the government’s investor-friendly agenda.


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The Indian Sun: Opinion: Modi hopes ‘make in India’ campaign will help create ‘trust’ fund

Opinion piece by Rohini Kappadath 

Published: The Indian Sun, 26 SEPTEMBER 2014 

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What does Modi's victory mean for India's economy?

Rohini Kappadath 

4 JUNE 2014


After Narendra Modi's landslide win in the Indian elections, what do the markets, and the broader economy, expect from his leadership?


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The new India under Narendra Modi has the potential to offer rewards that are just as unexpected as the size of his victory. Photo: AFP

Business Spectator: Modi's sweep is a victory for Australia

Opinion piece by Rohini Kappadath 

Published: Business Spectator, 20 MAY 2014


Narendra Modi has claimed a landslide victory in the historic Indian election, securing 282 out of 543 Lok Sabha, or lower house, seats. The numbers provide incontrovertible evidence of the "Modi wave" sweeping through India, which will also make ripples on the shores of Australian business.


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Australian Financial Review: India will look to our ideas

Opinion piece by Rohini Kappadath 

Published:  Australian Financial Review, 20 MAY 2014


After a six-week long poll, the world’s largest democratic electorate has given a decisive mandate to India’s new Prime Minister, Narendra Modi of the Bharatiya Janata Party.


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Leverage Brand Australia

Opinion piece by Rohini Kappadath

Published: Indian Executive Magazine, 26 AUGUST 2013


A basket of opportunities are being opened up across the Asian region.

However, Australia faces intense global competition for Asia’s markets. If we are to succeed we need to benchmark ourselves against international players who are also galvanising their business, government and community sectors to seize this opportunity.


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Friendship and emotion all part of doing business in Asia

Opinion piece by Rohini Kappadath 

Published:  Australian Financial Review, 2 NOVEMBER 2012


To be successful in Asia it helps to feel a natural affinity for the region.


The national conversation sparked by the ''Australia in the Asian century'' white paper has established one thing: if we are to be successful in Asia, we need to learn to do business ''the Asian way''. Given Asia's growing influence, the world should pay attention, and may have much to gain.


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Asian Century overview ‘lacks detail’

Rohini Kappadath 

31 OCTOBER 2012


The federal government’s Asian Century white paper will boost demand for workers with regional experience but gives little detail on how employers can raise the capabilities of their other staff, two specialists say.

Pitcher Partners director of crossborder business Rohini Kappadath says the paper is directed at aspects of what, rather than how.


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"Indo-Australian trade: $22bn & growing"

Opinion piece by Rohini Kappadath 

Published: Indian Executive Magazine, 25 JULY 2012


One area of opportunity is in infrastructure. India’s Planning Commission calculates a need for $1 trillion of infrastructure investment in the country over the next five years alone. Australia has an abundance of the critical metals and energy needed for a country going through an intense industrialisation and urbanisation phase.


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Engaging with India

Opinion piece by Rohini Kappadath 

Published:  Indian Executive Magazine, 2 JULY 2012


The first briefing in the Asia Business Leaders Series was held in 2011 in Melbourne, on ‘Engaging with India’. Over 70 guests attended from industry and government across a wide range of sectors.


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Opportunities in India for Australian SMEs

Opinion piece by Rohini Kappadath  

Published:  29 JUNE 2012   


With the rise of the Asia Pacific economy, the focus is on trading opportunities for Australian SMEs in India with openings in virtually every sector including information technology, education, retail, aviation, films, tourism and financial services.


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Gaining Ground in India

Opinion piece by Rohini Kappadath

Published: Sydney Morning Herald, 8 NOVEMBER 2010


Australia's fastest-growing major two-way trading partner is full of eastern promise.


With the Commonwealth Games in Delhi over, the focus has turned to trading opportunities for Australian companies in India. There are openings in virtually every sector including information technology, education, infrastructure, retail, aviation, films, tourism and financial services.


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