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UN Secretary General's Panel on Women's Economic Empowerment

08 JUNE 2016

The first ever UN Secretary General High Level Consultation for Women’s Economic Empowerment brought together leaders from business, industry, research, sport and the not-for-profit sector yesterday. Another step forward in the journey towards creating an #equalfuture for girls in Australia. Inputs from this consultation will be put towards the WEFf in Davos.


Increased female participation can add over $28 trillion to the economy according to McKinsey.


My take: “What’s good for women, is good for families, for our society and ultimately for the economy. The economy is not divorced from our humanity”. 


Technology and Innovation: How technology is changing cross-border trade 

30 May 2016

Disruptive collaborative and communications technologies have changed the way cross-border trade operates by compressing the distance between nations, the Director of Cross-Border Business at Pitcher Partners Rohini Kappadath says.

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Narendra Modi's Skill India is the next Asian frontier for Australian business - AFR

16 May 2016

India faces a population time bomb if it cannot retrain its workers for economic modernisation. At this week's first annual Australia-India Trade and Investment Forum, Kappadath made the point: "If we don't get this reskilling right the young and the restless in India will become part of a demographic time bomb."

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Migrants aren’t taking our jobs, they’re creating them

19 April 2016

The future prosperity of Australia’s labour market hinges on the participation of immigrants and refugees. Meet the entrepreneurs and start-ups upskilling these groups.

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Australia to capitalise on China's shift away from manufacturing to consumption

13 April 2016

It has been dubbed the "mining to the dining" boom and Australia has sent its biggest-ever trade delegation to China to capitalise on it - ABC China correspondent Matthew Carney

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Well done ANZ for showing leadership on an important issue and for bringing it on the radar.

11 March 2016

To coincide with International Women’s Day 2016, ANZ has launched a social case study highlighting the gender pay gap in Australia by capturing the candid reactions of brothers and sisters doing the same chores but not receiving equal amount of money as payment.

The adorable, yet hard-hitting video series aims to bring the financial inequality conversation to a personal level by posing the question: "How would our daughters feel if we paid them less than our sons for chores around the house?”


Rohini Kappadath appointed Chair of Multicultural Business Council

10 February 2016

"One of the most prominent faces in business in Victoria, Indian-Australian Rohini Kappadath, has been appointed the Chair of Multicultural Business Ministerial Council by the Victorian Government.


With more than half a million small businesses in Victoria, the Council was formed to provide an essential link to government to ensure multi-cultural business communities are heard,” 

Mosiqi Acharya, SBS World News. 

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First Day: The trailblazing businesswoman who followed her heart from India to Australia

10 January 2016

She left behind friends and family to move to Australia at 20. Now, Rohini Kappadath is now an award-winning businesswoman on a mission to help other women rise in the ranks - 

article by Sylvia Varnham O'Regan. 

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Sharing bold insights with 2015 Telstra finalists and winners of TBWA on an IWFCI luncheon panel discussion.

14 December 2015


Malcolm Turnbull's new $1.1 billion innovation plan to ignite the animal spirits in Australian business 

06 December 2015

"Businesses will be given the freedom to fail and get back up on their feet quickly under new US-style bankruptcy laws announced as part of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's innovation statement," Peter Martin, The Age.

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The Australia India Business Council (AIBC) Women in Business entrepreneur evening

01 December 2015


Rohini Kappadath was magnetic on the panel, sharing practical ways for women to be heard. Women entrepreneurs gathered to launch AIBC Women in Business. Authentic discussion to create change.


Australia Indonesia Emerging Leaders Forum

27 NOVEMBER 2015



The Australia-Indonesia Centre has been one of the strongest proponents of stronger relations and partnership between the two countries.


25 rising stars of Indonesia’s government and industry sector visited Pitcher Partners. We were able to engage with Indonesian Government delegates, industry leaders and thought innovators.


Programs like this are making a tremendous contribution to the development of greater mutual understanding and expansion in bilateral relations through investment in research, relationships and partnerships.

Women in Global Business - Unlocking India and China Opportunities 2015 Speaker Series, Hobart
30 OCTOBER 2015


The WIGB roadshow aims to increase female participation in international trade.


Addressing "The Contradictions of Women in Business in India" at the Hobart WIGB and ANZ Speaker Series.  


"Finding 'your India' is the key to success in business in India," Rohini Kappadath. #WIGBSS15

SBS Radio with Manpreet Singh, Punjabi Radio Network
27 OCTOBER 2015


Amongst the 1 billion stories @SBS


On air with Manpreet Singh, Punjabi Radio Network.



Women in Global Business - Unlocking India and China Opportunities 2015 Speaker Series, Melbourne
26 OCTOBER 2015


Four exceptional women discussed their global business experiences.


Sharing knowledge and insights of business in India, inspiring likeminded women to take their business to the world.


Attendees were able to hear about challenges faced and learn how they can be turned into success.

The Annual Australia India Address 2015

19 OCTOBER 2015


The Australia India Business Council has been fostering bi-lateral trade for 28 years. Recent years have seen remarkable growth in the trading relationship between India and Australia and it can only grow exponentially with the finalisation of the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement.


Rohini Kappadath shared her experience working within the Australia India space.


The event attracts business leaders and includes government representatives, key stakeholders, dignitaries and media from Victoria and across Australia.


Congratulations Rohini - Telstra Women's VIC Award Winner - Corporate and Private

20 OCTOBER 2015


Congratulations to Rohini Kappadath, our Director of Cross Border Business on winning the Victorian Corporate and Private section of the Telstra Business Women’s Awards.

Rohini has been instrumental in building Pitcher Partners’ Cross Border practice over the past few years, and the Telstra awards recognise her significant contribution to the Corporate and Private business sector in Australia.


Pitcher Partners managing partner Melbourne John Brazzale said Ms Kappadath was appointed to establish and lead the firm’s Cross Border Business five years ago helping client access into Asia and to facilitate the fast-growing number of Asian businesses invest and open in Australia.
Mr Brazzale said the strategic objective behind setting up the international practice at Pitcher Partners was to position the firm domestically as the first choice for mid-market businesses wanting to expand offshore.

“We found an exceptional practice leader in Rohini who was passionate about international business and client service, knowledgeable, possessed strong business acumen based on experience, and extremely capable of building key relationships with government and other influencers," John Brazzale.


Why ASEAN and Why Now? - Business Seminar

11 SEPTEMBER 2015 


At a recent ASEAN business briefing held by the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade and Austrade, in conjunction with the City of Melbourne, Australia’s top diplomats and Senior Trade Commissioners in ASEAN discussed the opportunities and challenges presented by the region.


Over 11,500 Australian companies export to the ASEAN region.   Australia-ASEAN two-way trade surpassed $100 billion in 2014.  Australian investment in the region has nearly quadrupled over the past 10 years to $195 billion in 2014.


With the declaration of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) at the end of 2015, it will be important for Australian companies to start thinking of ASEAN as a single region, and to access these opportunities through deeper engagement and investment in the region.









Food Innovation Centre, Mondelez International

11 SEPTEMBER 2015 


The Monelez Food Innovation Centre in Ringwood is a collaborative venture between the Victorian State Government, Mondelez and CSIRO.   This innovative initiative is leading the way in showing SME’s how to de-risk innovation in food exports and processing in the Asian Century.


It is no longer effective to lift and launch Australian products into export markets like China, without deep understanding of the history of consumption patterns and taste preferences.  Consumer preferences differ depending on the product category.


Asian consumer preferences can be measured with a representative target group of Asian consumers, now residing in Australia.   There are innovative examples of how newly arrived university students are engaged to act as focus groups to determine the appeal of new food innovations from Australia, aimed at Asian markets.


One Korea Seminar 

Australian Institute of International Affairs - Victoria

04 AUGUST 2015


In partnership with the Consulate-General of the Republic of Korea in Melbourne, the ‘One Korea’ seminar has provoked central ideas concerning North Korean human rights issues, the current political situation in North Korea, and the future outlook for a unified Korea. 


The Hon Michael Kirby AC CMG, the Hon Michael Danby MHR, and Mr JO Hongju, Consul-General of the Republic of Korea provided dynamic insight into these issues, bringing moral clarity on the subject of One Korea. 


The situation in North Korea, being the only country which remains divided after the end of WWII, presents a moral problem for the World, raising key questions - What will we do from here? Can the world in good conscience say wait?  


The seminar has made clear the need for a new approach - beyond sanctions and dialogue. 

RCEP Trade negotiations 
24 JULY 2015


RCEP is a big negotiation marked by significant challenges brought on by a diverse group of countries, with different interests and varying ambitions. 


Businesses need to transform themselves and maintain knowledge of international trade agreements to see how it affects their business.   









Australia-Indonesia Leaders Program

22 MAY 2015


Rohini Kappadath is in Jakarta representing Pitcher Partners at the Australia-Indonesia Leaders Program. 













Indian Federal Minister seeking Australian investment into Indian public sector companies
9 JULY 2015


Rohini facilitated trade and investment opportunnites at the dinner with Indian Federal Minister.











60 years of Australia Malaysia bilateral relations 
16 JULY 2015


Boardroom briefing with HE Rod Smith, Australia's ambassador to Malaysia. 












Australia Business Week in India



ABWI 2015 was Australia’s largest ever trade mission to India, with a week‐long series of events designed to enhance investment, education and tourism ties with India.


Around 450 delegates across 14 focus sectors visited India’s major cities to identify and strengthen relationships with Indian businesses. The mission also incorporated participation in the Vibrant Gujarat 2015 summit.


Australia-Thailand Business Conference

November, 2012


In celebration of 60 years of diplomatic relations between Australia and Thailand, AustCham are inviting you to the 2012 Australia-Thailand Business Conference.


  • Leveraging strengths in an integrated Asia

  • Regional connectivity – pipelines, planes, trains and automobiles

  • Between rousing giants: ASEAN, and China and India

  • Thailand: gateway to Myanmar and the Mekong sub-region

  • Productivity and skills - an imperative in an integrated Asia





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